We offer a range of solutions to help your business become more streamlined, efficient and cost effective. Engage us for projects of any size, on a per-project or on-going basis.

Data Centre & Cloud Solutions

  • Allow faster IT service delivery, improved profits and reduced risks when implementing new projects, through the implementation of the most appropriate data centre solution for your business needs.
  • Choose from prepared or bespoke solutions that can be quickly deployed, minimising the impact on your business.
  • Achieve data centre efficiency and adaptability, while maintaining network security at all times.

No matter what your level of experience in data centres, cloud computing or off-site data hosting, Cirrus Networks can help you find the best solution for your needs. From on-premise data centres, to cloud hosting, or even 'data centre in a box', we can provide the perfect hosting environment for your organisation.

Our solutions may also be used as a backup service to complement your existing data centre, and provide enhanced disaster recovery capabilities via co-location services. Businesses can increase their data capacity without the need for local servers by integrating with cloud services, enjoying the benefits of elasticity, scalability, and automation.




  • Consolidate your separate IT systems to improve the efficiency of your overall infrastructure.
  • Respond faster to changing business needs with integrated control and improved change management overheads.
  • Reduce ongoing costs across the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure - including voice, data and video, networking, servers, and data storage.

Convergence enables separate IT systems to work together to deliver the outcomes required by a business. Cirrus Networks can help you improve the efficiency of your servers, data storage, networking, applications, desktop virtualisation, and IT infrastructure through convergence technology.

Integrating these systems allows greater visibility and control, while lowering both ongoing costs and time taken to respond to changing business needs. Virtualisation allows you to optimise the use of your resources, reducing the amount of resources required to achieve maximum productivity.

Storage, Big Data and Data Management

  • Ensure the reliability, accessibility and security critical to the long-term sustainability of your organisation.
  • Support the ever-growing volume, variety and velocity of information handled by your business.
  • Adopt intelligent data management strategies and technologies to keep costs down and adapt to rapidly changing storage and retrieval requirements.

Data storage and management directly supports core business operations, such as customer management, sales planning, production, inventory control, finance, and many other critical functions. Cirrus Networks will help you make the most of your data, stored now and in the future.

We build and manage sophisticated information management, analytics, and flexible, scalable solutions that can underpin your organisation's operations. We understand the challenges of a data rich environment, and can transform your existing setup into a cost-effective, modular storage solution, using the latest technologies and best recommended data management practices.



Network Design & Optimisation

  • Speed up response times for remote and on-site network users.
  • Eliminate network-based delays in applications requiring real-time transmission, such as VoIP and video conferencing.
  • Improve SAP, SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange performance over your local and extended network.

One drawback of a distributed 'anytime, anywhere' workforce is the increase of network traffic, resulting in slow application response times or bandwidth congestion. Our range of optimisation solutions can help your business overcome the frustration and loss of productivity, by improving the performance and reliability of your network.

Our team understand the intricacies of application delivery. They have a proven track record in designing, installing and optimising network acceleration solutions, ensuring a consistent end-user experience and improved productivity for critical applications.

Business Continuity

  • Keep your IT systems running, minimising and mitigating unexpected and scheduled downtimes that impact on profitability.
  • Ensure sustained performance and access to files, email, websites, applications and telephony, with business continuity and disaster recovery strategies for your underlying infrastructure.
  • Find peace of mind with a complete, integrated solution that removes any single points of network failure.

Without an effective, connected IT system, most businesses cannot do even the simplest of tasks - any downtime can contribute to the loss of revenue, and at worse, the loss of customers. Cirrus Networks understand the critical nature of IT systems. We can help you design, build, install and manage resilient networks.

Talk to us today about hardening your network against likely security threats, and creating data storage and recovery solutions that appropriately support your business. We partner with some of the leading business continuity technology providers in the world to deliver infrastructure that businesses can rely on around the clock.


End User Computing

  • Manage the complex requirements of today's mobile workforce by supporting the growing range of end user devices entering the workplace.
  • Maximise productivity and create competitive advantage by facilitating your staff with a secure, high-performance network.
  • Provide your workforce with the ability to access their data and applications from anywhere at any time.

End user computing puts increased demands on business IT infrastructure, but there is plenty of evidence showing businesses can harness this shift to become more agile and competitive. Cirrus Networks can help your organisation embrace the IT challenges of supporting an 'unwired' end user community.

We can help you manage your current suite of devices and applications, and deliver new services that allow your people to focus on productivity. We use proven frameworks, tools and solution accelerators to design, build and manage a cost-effective, efficient, collaborative and agile workplace for your end users.

Unified Communications & IP telephony

  • Manage all your real-time communication services in one place with integrated phone, VoIP, fax, mobile, messaging and email.
  • Improve availability to external parties and internal staff, making sure people can be reached at all times.
  • Offer greater ease and convenience to your clients, with support for single-number reach.

Bridge the gap between VoIP, traditional and digital communication technologies. Unified communications is a cost-effective way to multiply the benefits from individual communication channels, providing flexibility in the workplace, and reducing the delay between delivering and receiving a message.

Cirrus Networks can optimise your business processes through integrating your different communication tools into a single application. This lets your employees send a message in one medium (such as email or text) and receive it on another (such as voicemail). Our solutions can integrate well-known off-the-shelf tools such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, or various mobile platforms, along with today's instant messaging tools, such as Yammer, SalesForce, and Lync.



Lifecycle Management

  • Introduce new technology with ease into your organisation.
  • Get end-to-end lifecycle management services, regardless of the types of systems or number of deployment locations.
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected IT service interruptions, with quality control and testing prior to rollout.

Introducing new technology to a business network can be complex, expensive and time consuming. Often, specialist skills are required to ensure network security is upheld, and end-users are able to access their systems during the transition.

Cirrus Networks can help you streamline the entire selection, purchase, configuration, deployment, ongoing management, and end-of-life process of all aspects of your organisation's IT environment. This ranges from mobile devices, such as laptops and smartphones, to new servers or networking equipment. Our lifecycle management solutions minimises the time your IT department spends on implementation, freeing your resources to concentrate on more critical management and support tasks.

IT Consulting & Management

  • Improve the efficiency of your systems, servers, networking and IT infrastructure through virtualisation, network optimisation, and convergence strategies.
  • Free your resources from dealing with the routines of hardware and software lifecycle management.
  • Get independent, practical, vendor agnostic assistance with all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Whether you want to migrate to the cloud, deploy end-user systems, upgrade your facilities, or simply research the tech landscape for your next project, we can offer a flexible, cost-effective way to assess and manage your IT needs. Get help with ongoing end-to-end lifecycle management, covering selection, purchase, configuration and deployment of all aspects of your IT environment - including SOE management, asset tagging, reporting, installation, and testing.

To help you generate the maximum return from your IT investment, we focus on understanding your business goals and strategic priorities. Then we work with you to design, build and implement a solution custom-built to meet your specific requirements. Cirrus Networks technical consulting is available as a single engagement or on an on-going basis.



Project Management

  • Deliver projects on time, to budget, and without unnecessary compromise.
  • Maintain high visibility throughout your project, with appropriate levels of communication and regular meetings with key stakeholders.
  • Avoid under- or over-management, ensuring your resources can focus on their critical functions at every stage.

Good project management is the key to delivering successful outcomes. To help your project succeed, we take the time to understand the underlying business drivers and operational impacts before, during and after implementation. Most importantly, we don't let the project management get in the way of the project. Our approach ensures your resources can focus on their tasks at hand.

We use elements from leading IT project management methodologies, including PRINCE2, as well as best practices from PMBoK, to deliver auditability and transparency.