Security & Compliance

Cirrus Networks provides advanced auditing, diagnostic, monitoring and secure access services to ensure your networks and data are fully compliant and protected.

Governance, Compliance & Regulatory

  • Ensure IT compliance across your entire organisation.
  • Create and enforce suitable business protocols and procedures.
  • Stay up to date with new laws and regulations in Australia.

The right IT governance strategy is vital to ensure proper organisational compliance. Cirrus Networks can help with both business and technical planning to form a complete governance strategy for your organisation.

Our assessment covers your network security and governance practices over the lifecycle of your critical data. Our expertise in compliance and governance areas means we can identify the gaps in your business, and find the best technology suited for the job.



Cloud Security

  • Keep your data secure and compliant with Australian regulations no matter where in the cloud it's stored.
  • Identify and pre-empt potential security issues faced by your current cloud infrastructure.
  • Enjoy the cost efficiency and flexibility of cloud infrastructure.

Businesses in Australia must comply with local regulations, such as PCI and the Privacy Act, even when international cloud providers secure and manage their data. Cirrus Networks' security consulting and managed cloud solutions helps you reap all the benefits of the cloud, whilst ensuring your data and network are secure and compliant.

Drawing from our experience and assessment tools, we will work with you to determine the right solution and processes for managing and minimising security risk. In addition to working with established and planned cloud solutions, we can offer managed cloud services with on-going support and maintenance.

Network Security

  • Mitigate the risks faced by your IT network.
  • Tailor a protection solution suited to your business needs.
  • Implement an on-going review and testing process to ensure your network stays safe over time.

Securing your network and data is vital for the long-term protection and success of any business. Cirrus Networks will audit your current setup, and design a custom solution appropriate for your business operations, the sensitivity of the data you manage, and your preferred risk exposure.

We combine our many years of IT security experience with some of the best technologies in the world to deliver you a robust, future-friendly solution. During audit, if we find issues that require immediate attention, we'll also assist with devising workable stop-gaps to ensure protection while developing your new security regime.



Secure Remote Access

  • Protect your organisation from unauthorised network penetration.
  • Support report access and BYOD without compromising security and performance.
  • Enforce IT security policies while maintaining a flexible access environment.

Cirrus Networks solutions can cover a range of remote access methods, such as SSL VPN, single sign-on authentication and host checking, on mobile and non-mobile platforms. Offer your staff a flexible working environment without compromising security and performance.

We can audit your current setup and the use cases prevalent in your organisation, identifying potential risk areas where unauthorised access might occur. We ensure our solution is aware of current technologies and user habits, keeping your network safe while allowing your staff to perform their critical functions.