Ed Bidzinski takes charge of Managed Services at Cirrus Networks

Cirrus Networks is proud to announce the appointment of Ed Bidzinski as the General Manager of Managed Services.

Ed Bidzinski joins us with over 30 years of IT and Infrastructure experience. Previously, Ed was the Director of Global Operations and Information Management at WorleyParsons. In this role, he oversaw a project driven department that had to scale up and down to meet the changing business requirements. Ed was responsible for delivering the equivalent of a Managed Service, offering flexible computing and IT solutions.

At Cirrus Networks, Ed will be responsible for overseeing the Managed Services sector, ensuring our customers are heard and receive solutions that match their business needs.

“The best part about this role is the ability to sit in front of a customer and be innovative in how we address their technology needs. To take ownership of their technology challenges and make solving them our business,” Ed commented when asked on what attracted him to this role.

Ed’s plans for Managed Services at Cirrus Networks involve building the capacity and knowledge so that customers are well looked after, while maintaining Cirrus Networks ‘vendor-agnostic’ promise to only recommend the right products. Ed wants to see Managed Services become a viable alternative to companies investing heavily in IT products that don’t align with their business needs and cycles.

“I firmly believe that our Managed Service motto should be, ‘It’s not about what we do, it’s about what you need’ and we don’t and won’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Every client has unique needs that we can meet,” Ed replied when asked what the most important concept about Managed Services is.

Cirrus Networks warmly welcomes Ed and we look forward to seeing the expertise and excellent track record that he brings to the team being used to grow another quality offering for our customers.