Cisco recommends F5 for ACE migration

Cisco has exited the application delivery market and its load balancing products, ACE and GSS, reached an end-of-sale milestone in January 2014. There will be no further software updates or fixes, and Cisco recommends that customers transition to alternative vendor offerings.

Rather than simply swap out load balancer solutions, leading organizations will adopt a more strategic and visionary approach that can reap dramatic, long-term benefits. These organizations recognize that to meet near-term challenges that require scalability, agility, and security—and to lay the groundwork for next-generation data center architectures— they need to transition to advanced application delivery solutions.

F5 offers tools and services that ease the migration from Cisco ACE. Based on a shared architectural vision that takes an application-centric approach, F5 and Cisco provide the foundation for building an application services fabric that will help customers meet their near-term and long-term challenges in next-generation data centers.

Do you have a Cisco ACE load balancer?
If you have Cisco ACE load balancer, it will need replacing. Cirrus can manage your migration over to F5 and ensure a smooth transition. Contact our sales team and we can talk you through the migration to F5 and help answer any questions you have.

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