Cirrus Networks is reselling Splunk

Are you listening to your data?

Cirrus Networks, the fast growing Perth independent solutions integrator, is excited to announce that Splunk is now a part of the stable of offerings delivered to customers.

In the current state of excessive amounts of data, Splunk assists organisations in gaining better control of electronic information and allowing the mining of data for business intelligence. With unstructured data making up more than 90% of your current information, Splunk allows business to gain access by capturing, indexing and correlating the data into presentable formats. If you are finding it difficult to discover critical business information, whether it is unstructured or structured, and want to gain a better insight into identifiable patterns, then give Cirrus Networks a call.

“The innovative solutions from Splunk will further develop the intelligent data management experience that Cirrus Networks can deliver to our customers” says Mark Oliver, Technical Director


About Cirrus Networks

Cirrus Networks is a Perth-based IT systems integrator. It provides an independent, flexible approach to designing, building and managing IT infrastructure. Cirrus designs, builds, manages and maintains IT systems that help clients save money, improve productivity and increase the return on their IT investment. We know the right technology, implemented and managed the right way, will make your organisation more efficient, competitive, adaptable and profitable.

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