CIO Luncheon – Transformation and Change with Stephanie Unwin, Synergy

stephanieCirrus Networks hosted its inaugural CIO Luncheon at the Old Swan Brewery on Friday 26th August 2016. Over 20 CIO’s and corporate leaders from various sectors including mining, construction and healthcare attended the event.

Our Q&A guest for the day, Stephanie Unwin, Chief Transformation Officer at Synergy, who managed the Synergy and Verve merger acquisition, was able to share her insights as to how the organisation hit a milestone target 6 months ahead of time.

“We had lots of road blocks but it came down to company culture and the approach you take to problem solving,” commented Stephanie. “It was one of the simplest suggestions that had significant impact on culture. We implemented visual communication, putting targets and achievement of targets around offices and depots. People need targets, and they need to know they are changing to improve bottom line.”

Stephanie also discussed how deeper analytics drove staff to find solutions through customer insights. “It’s data, it’s interesting and we need insights to make better business decisions and serve our customers.”

“Through transformation we are liberated,” commented Stephanie.

Cirrus Networks run quarterly CIO Luncheons providing thought leadership and insights to executive business and technology leaders. The next CIO Luncheon will have our special guest Mike Schuman, Transformation Business Advisor for Woodside Energy on the 25th November 2016.