About Us

Cirrus Networks is a Managed Services Provider focusing Hybrid IT Infrastructure headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. We provide an independent, flexible approach to designing, building, and managing IT infrastructure.

By understanding your organisation’s strategic drivers, priorities and issues, we can offer tailored solutions that help you achieve your objectives in the most cost effective way.

We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service, offering expertise with integrity and honesty. We will always give you truthful feedback and advice no matter how difficult it might be to hear, and will continue to support and guide your business at every step.

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Supporting the community

Cirrus Networks is a proud supporter of the community. As part of this support we regularly donate a percentage of our profits to Surf Life Saving WA (SLSWA) and Youth Focus.

Supporting SLSWA and Youth Focus

Cirrus has signed on to sponsor Telethon for the next 5 years, which includes significant funding as well as setting up and managing the Call Centre. Cirrus will be responsible for the entire IT setup, including cabling, internet access/WIFI and provision and install of more than 140 laptops for use on the weekend, as well as provide IT support onsite to assist over the Telethon weekend.


Cirrus NGage backed the Lighthouse Foundation who provide homeless young people from backgrounds of long-term neglect and abuse, with a home, a sense of family, and around-the-clock therapeutic care that is individually tailored, trauma informed and proven to work.

Cirrus NGage donated printers, tablets, backpacks and coffee cups so the Lighthouse Foundation can run on a daily basis with a few essentials.

Cirrus NGage also donated 4 Samsung Galaxy Tablets at their Customer Appreciation Gala so the Lighthouse Foundation could raffle them off. This raised $1800 which Cirrus then matched. At the end of the night, there was $4000.00 raised.

Cirrus NGage recently volunteered their time as part of National Homelessness week (7–13 August 2017) for the Lighthouse Foundation, #StickItToHomelessness in the Melbourne CBD handing out stickers and creating awareness. The 44,000 stickers represent the number of young people who are homeless in Australia on any given night.